Modified 09 August 2021 by Lisa Martin

Our steel goes into products across the length and breadth of the UK but we are now proud to say the company name has reached a far flung continent!

We were recently delighted to receive a picture of the well we have sponsored in Africa via AquAid, supplier of water coolers at both Tamworth Steel and Camp Steel.

One of the reasons for choosing the UK’s leading water cooler supplier is that their products carry an automatic donation to charity.

Fern Shaw from AquaAid explained “We are passionate about making a difference and helping those that need it most. We have to date donated in excess of £16 million and have helped bring clean drinking water to more than 2.9million people.The building of one of these water resources on behalf of Tamworth Steel is a sincere thank you for your valued custom, as it is due to your custom that we are able to continue donating to charities as we do.”

Managing Director Jon Ratledge was thrilled to see the photograph, adding ‘It is so easy to take fresh water for granted so I am very pleased that we have been able, via AquaAid, to make it readily available to a local community in Africa.”